Monday, December 30, 2013

Section-Breaks, Page-Breaks, Headers, Footers, Fonts and Trim!

Yikes! Formatting a book for print presents a complex array of questions and answers combined with a set of choices and requirements that make the phrase do-it-yourself almost laughable. When I quizzed a friend about how he managed to get a print version of his book online with Amazon, he simply said he hired someone. My husband has a favorite phrase I'm adopting to make myself feel a bit better. It goes, "Never try to do part-time what someone else does full-time!"

I'm sure I could mush through all that needs to be accomplished to produce a finished, neatly bound paperback, but is that really how I need to spend my time right now? After reading a manual on what to do and how to do it to get my books into print, I've decided to forget it and instead to market, market, market and query, query, query!

My time needs to be spent writing the two companion books for the Arrowstar series I have planned for 2014. I think I might be able to throw in some marketing for the e-books while I'm writing, and even send off a few query letters to likely agents. My fondest hope is that some kindly agent will seek out a publisher who will snap up my books and handle the print processing they do so well.

Today's wisdom: Daunted, but not defeated; onward I go with "pen" in hand to once again conquer the blank page.

BOLO: A Trail Robber's Tale and The Storm Women coming in 2014!

I hope all your "troubles melt like lemon drops" on New Year's Eve!

Write on!

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