Saturday, December 14, 2013

Charade Ready to Read on Your Kindle!

The easiest way to find Charade for Kindle is to search on using this phrase: Cheryl Thomas Kindle. When you search this way, you will see all three of my books pop up at the top of the search page. As of today, Charade has not been added to my author page on Amazon, but the request has been made, so it should show up there shortly. (I hope!)

Yesterday I continued slugging away editing and coding Charade after working on implementing copy editing and content changes suggested by my trustworthy editors for the past couple of weeks. Finally around four o'clock, I pushed the save and publish button on Friday the 13th!

When I woke up this morning, I picked up my Kindle first thing and searched for Charade. It popped right up, and I bought a copy for Frank's Kindle Fire. I've discovered that the book is formatted the best on the "Fire." The cover looks sufficiently spooky in black and white, and be sure to check out the acknowledgements because your name might appear there! Of course, I've probably missed some people I should have remembered, but if I did, just give a "holler."

I'm feeling very good about this story, and I hope you enjoy it as much as my editors said they did while working with it. Maybe after completing three novels, I'm hitting my stride. I'd love your feedback, so please email me at or comment on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog. If you would write a review on Amazon as well that would mean a lot to me.

The characters from Arrowstar have become like friends to me, and the town of Mineral City seems real as well. I'm loving spending so much time inside this little "kingdom" I've created.

The editing process proved to be just as much fun as I'd predicted. Adding a few paragraphs here and there certainly was more fun and easier than thinking up what to write next.

It amazes me how many of the elements of the book came together in ways I hadn't anticipated while I was writing. Some things in the beginning of the book turned out to dovetail nicely with others that popped up later as if by magic. During the editing process, I was able to expand on these connections and make them integral parts of the story.

The unconscious mind is a magnificent machine humming along behind the scenes and giving cues to the conscious writing process. I'm convinced of this phenomenon because I can see the results as I read the finished manuscript. It's like putting together a puzzle, getting finished, and sitting back to enjoy seeing the complete picture. It never fails to surprise and delight me.

Today's Thought: Magic happens if you just believe it will.

Write on!

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