Sunday, December 22, 2013

Do It Yourself E-Books

Having finished writing Charade, I'm now in the process of updating Arrowstar with the material my former e-publisher forgot to include like the dedication, acknowledgements and copyright! If you're a writer and want an e-book on Amazon Kindle, try uploading it yourself. I paid $200 to have Arrowstar uploaded for me, and the results were not what I had hoped. Now I do it myself to make sure it's done right.

There is a little booklet you can get on Amazon for free called Building Your Book for Kindle. This little gem will give you step-by-step detailed instructions on how to prepare your book for upload and also walk you through the whole process when you're ready.

My next learning challenge will be to attempt using Amazon's Create Space, so I can get some hard copies of my e-books for an author recognition at my church in February. I'll let you know how I get along and report on the time frame it takes to have copies in hand.

There are many readers out there who are not fond of reading e-books or have not yet bought an e-reader. I'm excited I might finally be able to answer the demand for "real" books for that audience. It will also be a "rush" to actually see my name on the covers of my books and place them on my bookshelf.

Today's Wish: May the love and magic of Christmas stay around all year!

Write on!

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