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 Below is a special look at the new cover art with comments from author C.K. Thomas!
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Notice how the large arrow links the books of the series together. The sign represents the Arrowstar antique-store sign hanging above the steps to Star's shop. If you look closely, you'll see Perry's Bicycle Shop across the street from the antique store. When I look at this picture, I can imagine myself sitting on Arrowstar's front porch sipping a cup of tea.
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In Charade readers are introduced to the ghost town of Pearl, accessible only by horseback. Front and center of this photo stands the Perfect Pearl Saloon and Dance Hall where Star and Kat run into a diamondback rattlesnake under the steps out back. The stage inside the saloon hosts the Wayne-Dobbins Touring Company for the first time in Charade, and Star uncovers a poster, protected behind some 1950's style paneling, announcing the performance.

Women on horseback ride through the pages of every Arrowstar Series book, and my imagination tells me that it's Dusky who graces the cover of The Storm Women. Dusky Storm spends her lifetime in the company of horses and learns enough working on the Kane's ranch to earn a spot in Able Jackson's Wild West Extravaganza.

You'll note Honor Bound is a stand-alone novel, because the title doesn't reside on a large arrow-shaped sign like the books of the Arrowstar Series. This debut novel begins in Phoenix, Arizona and quickly moves on to the beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico. A wide-ranging novel, this story also sends the Phoenix News reporter Kate Dalton to the Indiana towns of  Madison, Kokomo, and the very small burg of Lagro, seeking answers from long-time friends about a tragic secret from her past. She has a rather surreal encounter with "Smith" the clever crow pictured on the cover as she draws ever-closer to uncovering that secret.  Look for both Kate and Susie of Honor Bound as they make cameo appearances in the pages of the Arrowstar Series.

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