Monday, August 26, 2013

Author Website Now Available!

I'm getting ready to go to my 50th high school class reunion, so I thought I'd create some new business cards advertising my books to hand out while I'm there. In the process, I signed up for a basic website the business card site offered. You can check it out here.

I'd appreciate hearing your suggestions for the website. I think I can add an RSS feed so that my blog will also appear there. I can also add other pages to the site. If you think of anything that would be eye-catching, please let me know. I have some experience creating websites, but it has been some time since I've ventured into html-land. Things sure are a lot easier now with the handy creation software available. I know what html code looks like, and I'm not anxious to write any on my own again!

If you don't want to leave your comments here, you can email me at I usually post a link to my blog entries on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, so you are welcome to comment there as well.

I haven't wanted to take the time to market my novels up to this point. The website, this blog, and my Twitter account are my first fragile attempts at generating interest in my work. Having a readership would be a gift worth the time investment involved. I'm looking forward to hearing from my readers, savoring and learning from their feedback.

I'm very excited about the companion books I've decided to write that will be published under Arrowstar's protagonist's name, Star Lance. A Train Robber's Tale will be the companion book to Arrowstar and The Storm Women will be the companion book to Charade, the second book in the Arrowstar series.

Yes, I've finally decided on a title for the book I'm working on finishing right now. The working title for awhile was Novel #3 and then Stormy, which would have been fine, but I think Charade best describes the plot line. I'm jazzed about finishing Charade now that it has a title that pleases me and then moving right along to write the two companion books by Star.

I'm flying off to Kokomo, Indiana for the reunion on September 4, but I hope to continue writing the blog while I'm there. Please send feedback. I'm always glad to hear from you, and your comments lift my spirits, always!

Takeaway treasure for today: Run toward your fears and those phantoms will evaporate like a mirage in the desert. They will, won't they?

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