Friday, July 26, 2013

The Fruit Producing the Creative Juice: Is it really me?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Often when I'm immersed in writing a novel to the exclusion of all outside interference, it's almost like being in a trance. I'm floating along on a sea of words and those words come alive as if they're speaking to me instead of being  created by my brain. 

Yes, the characters do take me to places I never intended to go. They emerge as if they were real people whispering their next moves in my ear. This muse, this luscious fruit dripping with creative juices must come from somewhere outside my being. Of course, I have to know the craft, but what of inspiration?

If the spirit of the universe keeps whispering thoughts and moving my stories along, how can I put such stress on myself to get it right, to get it perfect? It's the letting go that makes the process work, isn't it? Letting go of self praise, self pity, self abuse seems the smart thing to do when the magic actually comes  from a higher source than self. 

Okay, okay so you're an agnostic writer, or maybe not. Maybe you don't tango with the muse. Please share your thoughts about the fruit you squeeze to get the juices flowing into your writing, your art, your creative endeavors. I really want to know so I can tap that fruit as well.

Take away for today:  Creative fruit isn't always an easy squeeze.

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