Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whittle and Write

When I set out to write novels several years ago, I had no idea how all-consuming a commitment writing and marketing requires. Having just recently started writing this blog, then rashly adding a do-it-yourself website, while investigating Amazon's Create Space and uploading each of my own Kindle books, that realization burns bright.

Little by little I've tried to whittle my life's pursuits to a very slim few in order to throw myself into this battle to get noticed, get read, get an agent and ultimately a publisher. It's so innocent the way I allow myself to take on projects when, if I took a minute to consider, I don't have any available time to complete.

Over the years I've divested myself of strumming the guitar, playing tennis, taking myself and my dogs on weekend camping trips, practicing the culinary arts, and learning Italian. I have retained reading voraciously, half-hearted gardening, book club, nurturing a handful of close friends and writing weekly promotional material and other articles. As a necessity, I also escape the desert by traveling far away during the sizzling Phoenix summers and visiting my kids.

I'm now into writing the second half of Charade, but approach the computer with more and more trepidation. What if I can't continue to produce the words that will build the bridge to the end of my story? I might get stuck trying to lead my characters into and through the crisis and recovery phases of their lives in the intelligent and enjoyable way my readers deserve.

Tomorrow I'm "master of ceremonies" at book club. I've prepared for that today and will enjoy the discussion of the book Mrs. Kennedy and Me written by Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin. Hill, a secret service agent assigned to protect Jackie during her time in the White House relates a tender story of friendship and tragedy. I won't be at the computer all day Monday, but I'll be relating to people and ideas in hopes of stimulating my creative juices.

By the way, I'm determined to be more consistent with this blog, so you can count on it on Sunday afternoons. I hope.

Take Away: Whittle while you work. Isn't that a song?

Write on!

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